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The Vision


Noble County is a community that invests in our future and the next generations. Our community can only develop and prosper through allocation of its engaged resources - the individuals, industries and institutions.

Desired Change


A comprehensive and far-reaching push must be made to increase participation in fulfilling community development needs within Noble County. Every resident, every business, every organization has the capability of contributing to the betterment of the county’s way of life. Everyone reaps the rewards of a connected, thriving community.



• Secure local funding for local needs

• Ensure broad and diverse participation

• Foster an attitude of giving: time, talent and treasure

Monetary donations to the community are vital, yes—but community investment is so much more than giving dollars. Community Investment is about donating your time and talent as well, and there are so many ways to do that. Devoting your time, talent, or treasure to any local initiative secures a thriving future for Noble County.

T-Mobile invests in Main Street

You are thriving if you...

I attend local sporting events, arts programs, festivals, and cultural events.

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