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Youth Business Fair

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Saturday, March 9, 2024
10 AM - 3 PM
Community Learning Center

Thrive Noble County is striving to increase the number of entrepreneurs across Noble County by providing a pathway for high school students to gain traction, receive feedback, and grow!

The Youth Business Fair at NoblePalooza invites teens who have business ideas, or those who have already developed a product or service they want to share with the community, to apply to participate!

Participation is free and all who apply and are eligible to participate will receive one-on-one consultations and support.   Application deadline for the Business Fair is February 9, 2024.

Our promises to you:

  1. Entrance for the public to NoblePalooza! is FREE and will likely attract 500+ Noble County residents, based on 2023 attendance. 

  2. We will communicate with you multiple times ahead of the event for a smooth experience. (Check your inbox, please!)

  3. We will follow up with you after NoblePalooza! to seek your feedback in an effort to learn and improve any future events planned.

  4. We will be champions of all participating exhibitors/vendors. 

  5. No student will be left behind! Although space is limited, everyone who applies and is eligible to participate will receive one-on-one support to help grow.

QUESTIONS?  Call (260) 636-3800 and ask to speak with Tara.  Thank you!

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